Cocktails and dancing girls in a nightclub. Free HD video footage

A scene of clubbing. Girls are gathering a nightclub (discotheque, disco, club), enjoying cocktails and dancing surrounded by strobe lights ...
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Popping Dom Perignon champagne in nightclub. Free HD video footage

A scene in a posh and luxury night club: the bottles of Dom Perignon champagne are served decorated with ice ...
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Slow motion of motocross racing. Free HD video footage

A slow-motion scene from a motocross racing. Motorcycles appear out of the hill of an off-road's rugged terrain, jump into ...
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Kids playing cricket. Free HD video footage

Boys and girls are playing a simplified type of cricket down the yard. Prototypes of wickets and various additional advanced ...
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Baking wood fired pizza. Free HD video footage

A baker uses metal peel to control the process of baking pizzas. He looks awhile after them and then removes ...
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Laboratory of chemical engineering. Free HD video footage

A scene of a scientific experiment proceeded in a laboratory of an institute of chemical engineering. A scientist is using ...
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Physics research laboratory. Free HD video footage

A specialized appliance is measuring certain physical gauges. A scene in a physics research laboratory of an institute of science ...
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Sushi making training class. Free HD video footage

A scene in a school of sushi making. A few students are taking a training class where instructor shows step ...
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