View of a countryside: blossom of a weed, corn field, grass, forest. Free HD video stock footage

Here is a view of a countryside with a blossom of a weed in a center. There are corn fields, trees, grass, and outline of a forest in a background.

A drummer is hitting a snare drum in a mainstream music concert. Free HD video footage

A close – up of a snare drum being hitten by a drummer. A hi hat is seen in front of the frame and a microphone pointed to grab the sound a snare drum. A video clip recorded in a mainstream music event.

Picking up strawberries with a silver food tong. Free HD video footage

A woman dressed in a pink is picking up riped strawberries and putting them in her plate. She is using a silver food tong. Her nails are polished in red. There are more people standing and chating in a background. A party goes on in an open air.

A musician is playing with a synthesizer – live concert. Free HD video footage

A free HD video clip captured during R&B music fesitval. A musician is performing with a synthesizer heartly touching its keyboard.