Playing table football in slow motion. Free HD video footage

A scene for the devoted table soccer fans. A slow motion video captures a short glimpse of a game with players furiously rotating the bars to kick the ball and beat the goal.

Visual effect – kaleidoscope. Free HD video footage

A visual effect of kaleidoscope is made out of an analog video footage which captured a dried up spider. Multiple reflection of software “mirrors” create a nice grid of dubbed images which constantly change their shapes, colours and the angle of reflection while the camera is softly shaky throughout.

Piano hammers hitting the strings in slow motion. Free HD video footage

A cinematographic scene handling internal view of a piano instrument. In a slow motion flow piano hammers are softly and easily hitting the strings and creating an imaginable melody.

Playing puzzle, a picture from a fairy tale Tarzan. Free HD video footage

Creating a puzzle picture of a scene from a fairy tale called Tarzan. A child correctly matches a piece in the center of a composition which lacks one of them. A video clip recorded in a slow motion mode.