Turkey farm. Free HD video footage

Here is a small group of young turkeys toddling in a stall. It is a species called wild turkey or domestic turkey. As usual tamed animals are mousey, mistrustful and on the other hand hoping for a tasty snack or for a fresh drop of water.

Also, in any minute they can attack a film maker.

A hornet – yellow jacket wasp. Free HD video footage

A slow motion of a chaotic flight of a hornet. It is an insect, sometimes also called as a yellow jacket wasp. Seems that it is mislead by a transparent glass of a window which perfectly reflects the nature around and is perceived by a bug as forthcoming depth of a space.

Airport windsock. Free HD video footage

A windsock in an airport measuring wind speed and wind direction. It is a is a conical textile tube painted in white and orange stripes. A countryside is seen in a background.

A flower fluff and its white florets. Free HD video footage

A minimalistic scene from the depth of the forest. A dramatic flower fluff seems to be able to utter something to the viewer. White florets form an interesting portrait of a bohemian and enchanting hero.