A missed golf shot. A ball stops near the hole. Free HD video footage

A scene of a golf ball trying to reach the hole marked with a flag but it looses its speed and finally stops besides the target. One more missed shot in sportsman’s portfolio. He will need an extra attempt to hit the goal.

A failed golf stroke using a driver stick. Free HD video footage

A golf player shaves the grass trying to perform a perfect stroke using a driver stick. A kick is too weak to lift the ball for a longer distance. Instead of it musculus energy is reduced into plucking the ground and creating a cloud of grass and soil bits.

Super 8 mm cinema projector. Free HD video footage

A super 8 mm cinema projector (Bolex Paillard 18-5 L made in Switzerland in 1965) screens a silent movie on a wall. Tape gauges are slowly spinning and transferring pictures in front of a strong light of a lamp, which later comes through a lens and magnifies a movie to be watchable.