Slicing prosciutto and preparing a panini. Free HD video footage

A meat cutting machine is used to cut a juicy Italian ham prosciutto into thin slices. Man is making a panini instantly as ham strips fall on the white bread chunk.

Deck of a small sailing boat. Free HD video footage

A small ship (kind of a boat) is sailing across the lake. A half of a frame is dedicated for a vessel’s deck and for the safety ropes. A nice scenery is seen in a background: white palace, beautiful green shore and other navigating yachts.

Rotating carousel with the wooden horses on a platform. Free HD video footage

Colorful wooden horses are riding on a platform of a beautiful carousel with empty seats. They are moved up and down by gear work to simulate galloping. The view of a spinning merry-go-round always resembles childhood and inspires other melancholic and dreamy moods.