Smoke in a black background. Free HD video footage

A study of smoke appearing on a black background into the area of invisible light source. It expands, changes its shapes, density and intensity in a slow motion video footage. Finally it disappears in a darkness and leaves nothing behind itself.

A cigarette in an ashtray. Free HD video footage

A smoky cigarette in an ashtray. Straight and quite stream of smoke is randomly interrupted by an interior circulation of the weather. An abstract background gives an idea of a composition of an open cigarette pack and a cup of coffee in it.

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Christmas decoration.‎ Free HD video footage

A composition of decorations to illustrate Christmas time. Here you may see the common symbolic colors: pine green, snow white, heart red, metal tones and the yellow warmth of the burning fire. Objects used to fill the frame: pine wreaths, candles and Christmas music box with a cute spinning ceramic fir.

Crowns of fir trees. Free HD video footage

The crown of a woody plant means its branches, leaves, and reproductive structures starting from the trunk or main stems. Here we see the crowns of fir trees in the depth of the forest from the upper angle. Old trees, untouched by a human hand, give an impression of the majesty of wildness. Density and greenness of firs’ needles allows to assume the forest is healthy and full wealthy inside.