Kid building Lego City model. Free HD video footage

A kid is playing with the Lego bricks. He is building a dump truck from a Lego City series. A boy is trying steely and tenaciously until he reaches success attaching one component of a model to another.

Eyeshadow palette and brush. Free HD video footage

Woman uses an eyeshadow palette and a cosmetic brush for making herself a make up. It is a square shape cosmetic set with a mirror integrated on the inner side of its cover. While performing stroke after stroke of various color tones on her face, a girl may clearly observe her visage.

Pocket makeup set – cosmetic kit. Free HD video footage

A woman is performing make-up for herself handling a set of powder colors in her palm and using cosmetic brush with the other hand. The inner side of a cover of a makeup palette has a mirror which blurry reflects the face of a woman.

Girl using TV remote control. Free HD video footage

A girl is adjusting television settings using a remote control. She is browsing options menu and looking for a preferences item she needs. It is a smart, HDTV and LCD type of TV device.