Kneading dough. Free HD video footage

Here is a nice lump of dough on the cutting board sprinkled with flour. Man’s hands are working the batter to prepare an appropriate¬†elasticity for the forthcoming rolls. It as a slow motion video footage capturing the process of an intimate touch between hands and pastry.

Seasoning and marinating the fillet of cod. Free HD video footage

A scene with a cutting board in a kitchen. There is a fresh fillet of cod  on it. A cook is adding salt, pepper and other seasoning to the meat of a fish. Later he cuts a piece of a lemon and squeezes its juice over the prey to have a slightly marinated taste.

Plugging in and out a USB device. Free HD video footage

A technological scene framing a picture of a plugging in and out a USB device. A viewer may see a USB socket of a MacBook Air laptop computer and an ordinary cable with a standard USB connector. At first a man’s hand plugs in a device and after a few seconds he plugs out.

Pouring organic orange juice into glass. Free HD video footage

A slow motion video footage capturing a process of pouring organic orange juice into a glass. Liquid is elegantly changing its shape across the boundaries of a goblet. Drink is being filled nearly to the top of a rummer and small bubbles are seen on the surface.