Black snail exploring environment. Free HD video footage

A macro world scene of snails’ life. Two black snails are interacting with each other in front of a close up of a camera lens. One animal seems to be more active and shows initiative in exploration of surrounding environment.

Land snail climbes on the friend’s shell. Free HD video footage

A real slow motion scene from the snails’ daily routine. One guy is trying to get onto the top of the other’s shell. And he succeeds. Upper and lower tentacles are constantly retracting and investigating the expectant way.

Green lacewing walking on the white background. Free HD video footage

Green lacewing is walking on the white background. Its body is bright green to greenish-brown, and the compound eyes are conspicuously golden. These rules apply to all other species of a lacewing. The wings are usually translucent with a slight iridescence. Some have green wing veins or a cloudy brownish wing pattern.

Green insect with transparent wings. Free HD video footage

A macro world video footage of a green insect with transparent wings. It is in a peaceful condition slightly moving its abdomen and antennas from time to time. Golden brown eyes are suspiciously investigating the space or observing a prey.