A trial in a biomedical engineering laboratory. Free HD video footage

A specialized device creating bubbles in a glass with some liquid. It is a scene in a biomedical engineering laboratory. A video footage has three different angles: two close-ups and one medium frame. Computer is recording data and gives results of the analysis made by special software.

A leaf of cabbage in a biological laboratory. Free HD video footage

A scene in a biological laboratory focusing on a leaf of a cabbage. A vegetable is affected with a fertilizers: liquid drops are seen falling on a plant. Some of them are leaking, while others remain on the crop. A leaf of the cabbage is holey and indicates a botanical desease which must be treated with the appropriate chemicals.

A scientist experimenting with a glue. Free HD video footage

A scientist of industrial chemistry is experimenting with a new type of liquid glue. In the first frame he spreads the material on a safe surface while wearing the white rubber gloves. In the second one he is testing physical conditions of dried out skin of a glue trying to remove its shape from the surface.