10 reasons to watch movies of Jean Luc Godard. Interpretation

Jean Luc Godard is one of my favourite movie directors. And here I’m trying to detail and describe the reasons of that partly for myself and partly as an interpretation in general. If anyone will find these thoughts useful for their own studies, I’ll be glad.

1. The first feeling which I faced watching one by one the movies of Jean Luc Godard was his unique relationship with the language of cinematography. I mean, he is not a slave of the movie production technologies, of the actors, of the script or even of his own precedent plan. Equipment and every artistic opportunity is used playfully by the hand of the master who is above all these earthly trifles.

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How to become a better video artist than an amateur is?

There was a time I watched about 3 movies each day. That wasn’t the thing about testing torrent technologies or psychological disability of manic traction to store every shit you find somewhere. No. I was an amateur video artist (cinematographer?) for all my life and I all that time I found interesting to look back and to check the basis on which many forms of contemporary creative types of video (wedding video, TV advertisements, video presentations, vjing, 3D animation etc.) had grew up.

Yes, sure, to spend all day watching movies is a pathological matter, at least for the thing, that I never fell asleep in front of the screen. So I watch or just wait until the movie ends. Fortunately, there aren’t many pictures which are boring or meaningless for a video artist. Any little bite of cinematography and its history can teach you for something, if you are going to get your own video camera and begin making your own video stuff. Camera movements, plot, composition of the shot, lighting, technique of montage, soundtrack… Every movie has its strength and the aim of the viewer – video artist – is to dig it out.

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