Cocktails and dancing girls in a nightclub. Free HD video footage

A scene of clubbing. Girls are gathering a nightclub (discotheque, disco, club), enjoying cocktails and dancing surrounded by strobe lights. A picture suitable to illustrate socializing, listening to music, dancing, drinking alcohol etc.

Popping Dom Perignon champagne in nightclub. Free HD video footage

A scene in a posh and luxury night club: the bottles of Dom Perignon champagne are served decorated with ice fountain fireworks. A free video footage clip to illustrate hustle, hedonism, comfort, abundance and well-being.

Writing in candlelight. Free HD video footage

An ambience of soft and dim candlelight. It sharpens faintly a man’s hand starting to write something on a white checked paper sheet. Deep and rich brownish color palette resemblesĀ a baroque art style picture.

Grey and transparent smoke. Free HD video footage

Grey and transparent smoke is emitting in front of a colorful background. It is a slow motion scene letting to focus on a fragile yarns of smoke while any other objects remain blurred.