Nervous, stressing, confused, frozen, clenching hands and fists. Free HD video stock footage

A video clip is telling a story of nervous hands. A man is clenching fists and scrubing arms one into another. Maybe he wants just to warm his frozen arms or possibly it’s a consequence of stress or confusion.

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Hypnosis of the viewer: a green wooden frog toy is swinging on an elastic spring in slow motion

A free HD video stock footage clip to download capturing a toy – green wooden frog – swinging on an elastic spring. Slow motion is based on a variable frame rate set to 50 fps while shooting in 25 fps mode. A clip is useful to demonstrate how to hypnotize human brain, how to capture man’s attention, disable his common sense and various other psychological possessions.

Pumping liquid soap out of the bottle. A video clip to illustrate sexual passion, sex, orgasm, climax. Free HD video stock footage

Need a free video clip to inderectly illustrate a sexual passion, sex, orgasm, climax, intimate attraction, sexual hunger or any other form of this kind? Here is a slow motion of a liquid soap which is being pumped out of the soap bottle. Sluggishly falling and stretching soap streams create thoughts associated barely with physical lust between genders.

Rainy day. View through the car window. Focus on the window

This is a free HD stock footage video clip. Please download and use it freely.

Here is the same position of the camera as it was in a previous free video sample, except the focus, which now aims on the window. It makes image completely opaque, pictorial and abstract. Heavy but rare and clearly seen rain drops create intimate and introspective atmosphere enabling deep and ontological thoughts.