Reading a book with a white cover. Free HD video footage

A close-up of a book being read by a man. A book has white cover. Background of the scene is abstract and neutral. Keywords of the themes where this clip could or should be used: absorption, perception, intelligence, interest, bibliophilia, love of reading.

Using a zoom ring of the lens of a photocamera. Slow motion HD video

A photographer is using a zoom ring of the lens, makes other adjustments of photo camera and takes a pictures. Video clip is taken in a slow motion mode.

Photographer is zooming a lens and taking a picture with a DSLR photo camera. Slow motion

Photographer is zooming with a lens mounted on his DSLR photo camera. It is a standart 50-200 mm lens. A close-up of the camera lets see the opening and closing shutter when an artist takes a picture. A scene is filmed in a slow motion mode. Camera is also fixed to the tripod.

Making body painting, creating body art with symbolic signs of initiation of adults. Free HD video stock footage

Body painting, body art or call it anything. A young man is prepared to be initiated for adults. On the other hand this free video clip is handy to illustrate a process of making sketches on a body to perform a planned picture.