Closeup at loudspeaker, moving sub-woofer in slow motion. Free HD video footage

A sensitive to electromagnetic waves surface of a loudspeaker moves while reproducing sounds of low frequency. Sub-woofer vibrates in slow motion mode.

Erasing pencil scribbles with a rubber. Free HD video footage

There are a few dark grey scribbles professionally drawn on a clean and white sheet of paper. And here comes the red eraser and tries to erase them. A video is made to use with the concepts of temporality, orderliness fight against chaos, human inclination to the cleanliness and transparency.

Reviewing a negative photo film. Free HD video footage

A photographer turns to a window oh his studio and reviews a negative photo film used in analog photography. He slowly shifts from one roll to another and checks for the best frames.

Playing with harmonica. Free HD video footage

A blues musician plays a harmonica in a slow motion mood. He softly blows the air into mouthpiece and creates old and traditional sounds of American folk and jazz music.