Save money concept, hand putting coins into money-box. Free HD video footage

A friendly and cheerful little cow serves as a bank for saving money. In a slow motion clip a hand is putting coins into money-box’s hole to keep them for the financial plans of near future.

Buying and trading properties in a board game Monopoly. Free HD video footage

A player throws his money on the board, takes a symbol of a hotel he bought and places it on a piece of land he owes. Shortly he will be able to collect rent and make a step forward to candidate to become in control of the entire economy. A slow motion scene of one of the most popular board games Monopoly in the world.

Joining sheets of paper with a stapler. Free HD video footage

A close-up of a stapler joining two sheets of paper in a slow motion video. A thing metal staple hardly presses pages, goes through them and folds its ends.

Drawing a line using a ruler and a ball point. Free HD video footage

An artist or an engineer is using a ball point, a sheet of white paper and a transparent ruler to draw a line. A scene shot with a macro lens creates a nice three-dimensional space as the ball point moves out of a back stage to the focus zone and blurs again moving further and closer to the camera.