Baking wood fired pizza. Free HD video footage

A baker uses metal peel to control the process of baking pizzas. He looks awhile after them and then removes one from the wood fired brick oven. Extremely hot flames of fire give required temperature for pizza preparation and enough light to clearly see everything inside.

Sushi making training class. Free HD video footage

A scene in a school of sushi making. A few students are taking a training class where instructor shows step by step the process of rolling a sushi. They are using widely known ingredients like sheets of nori, white rice called sushi-meshi, slices of salmon, caviar, vegetables etc.

Kneading dough. Free HD video footage

Here is a nice lump of dough on the cutting board sprinkled with flour. Man’s hands are working the batter to prepare an appropriate¬†elasticity for the forthcoming rolls. It as a slow motion video footage capturing the process of an intimate touch between hands and pastry.

Seasoning and marinating the fillet of cod. Free HD video footage

A scene with a cutting board in a kitchen. There is a fresh fillet of cod  on it. A cook is adding salt, pepper and other seasoning to the meat of a fish. Later he cuts a piece of a lemon and squeezes its juice over the prey to have a slightly marinated taste.