Imitation of a camera dolly: a GoPro fixed to a baby wagon. Free HD GoPro HD video footage

Sky blue baby wagon rides across drawing room with a fixed GoPro device imitating camera dolly. Strange and unusual angle makes picture quite odd focusing its close up to a wheel of white rubber.

Interior view of a London bus. Free GoPro HD video footage

A GoPro camera goes on the back seat of a London bus. Because of late time there is not much crowd in it. A few persons are snoring in a lazy transport vehicle and tracking the bus stops to not miss their travel goal.

Red Hammer boxing punching bag. Free GoPro HD video footage

A red Hammer boxing bag swings after a routine punch. A GoPro camera is fixed to the bottom part of this sport tool. Visual time echo  effect and color filters makes the viewer to feel pressure, obscurity and some kind of horror.

Punk rock underground studio: GoPro fixed on the neck of bass guitar. Free HD video footage

A scene in an underground punk rock band’s rehearsal studio: GoPro video camera is fixed to a neck of a bass guitar. A guy in slippers is playing his instrument slightly moving his body an changing the angle of camera view.