Laboratory of chemical engineering. Free HD video footage

A scene of a scientific experiment proceeded in a laboratory of an institute of chemical engineering. A scientist is using a syringe to drip a liquid into vessel filled with water. After a series of drops and followed by the process of mixing water starts to change its color from yellow to deep purple.

Physics research laboratory. Free HD video footage

A specialized appliance is measuring certain physical gauges. A scene in a physics research laboratory of an institute of science. A part of a device is rotating automatically and changing the conditions of an object.

City street night lights with a visual echo. Free HD video footage

A scene of a busy city street in a night time. A natural visual time echo effect is added adjusting shutter speed of a video camera. A lens set on a 1/2 f-number value, creates rich and realistic colors within a picture and inspires a feeling of presence for a viewer.

Front loader tractor lifts the dirt and spills it. Free HD videlo footage

The deep bucket on the front loader lifts around 2 – 3 cubic meters of dirt, then makes a spin and spills material on the edge of the platform.