A mini excavator is digging a mound of soil. Free HD video footage

An orange mini excavator is riding and digging a mound of soil in this slow motion video clip. The mold recalls quite clean and pure peat invaded by randomly seen sprouts and roots of young trees. The excavator fills its bucket and slowly moves backwards.

Roulette meter measuring instrument with an isolated tape. Free HD video footage

A furniture maker is using a roulette meter measuring instrument with an isolated tape. He is measuring a plank or a table surface or any other type of fittings.

TV, DVD and video player repairs’ office – testing disassembled VHS player. Free HD video footage

A scene in a TV, DVD and other video players and gadgets repairs’ and maintenance office. An old and used SONY VHS player is disassembled and is being tested by engineers.

Woman is ironing a red dress. Free HD video footage

A cheap model of iron, made by low budget electronic devices manufacturer of german origin Clatronic, is in woman’s hands. She professionally performs ironing of a cute brightly red dress. Gadget moves softly but firmly along the tissue leaving nice and even surface.