Pocket makeup set – cosmetic kit. Free HD video footage

A woman is performing make-up for herself handling a set of powder colors in her palm and using cosmetic brush with the other hand. The inner side of a cover of a makeup palette has a mirror which blurry reflects the face of a woman.

Girl using TV remote control. Free HD video footage

A girl is adjusting television settings using a remote control. She is browsing options menu and looking for a preferences item she needs. It is a smart, HDTV and LCD type of TV device.

Grey and transparent smoke. Free HD video footage

Grey and transparent smoke is emitting in front of a colorful background. It is a slow motion scene letting to focus on a fragile yarns of smoke while any other objects remain blurred.

White smoke exploding in an apartment. Free HD video footage

White smoke is exploding in the background of an apartment. It is a slow motion free video footage clip. Movement of white smoke is creating dynamic shapes, transforming into perceptible and non comprehensible figures. Outlines are changing every second and recall an artistic, plastic and creative impression.