Fireworks (pyrotechnics) show. Free HD video footage

An event of the effects produced by firework devices. Explosive pyrotechnic devices produce pictures of various shapes and colors. Don’t forget the primary origin and use of this popular form of art of celebration: in oriental tradition, especially in China, fireworks were invented to battle and chase the evil spirits. 

Playing a chinese pellete drum. Free HD video footage

Here is a chinese type of a pellete drum also known as rattle drum. The rod is heartily rotated back and forth along its axis and two pellets cheerfully strike the heads procuring unique sound. Pictures of a dragon decorate the membranes of a drum.

Modern version of an indian wind chimes hanging on the ceiling of a loft. Free HD video footage

A modern and manufacturing copy of an indian wind chimes hanging on a ceiling of a loft. The space is nicely lit with a strong sunlight reflected by rugged wooden constructions of warm and natural colors.

Buddhist monk uses Tibetan tingsha cymbals during a ritual in a temple. Slow motion HD video footage

A scene in a Tibetan temple: a buddhist monk uses tingsha cymbals during a ritual. Slow motion video mode strengthens the impression of heaviness of the small metal plates. Their movements in the air seem long lasting ant eternal.