Slow motion of motocross racing. Free HD video footage

A slow-motion scene from a motocross racing. Motorcycles appear out of the hill of an off-road’s rugged terrain, jump into the air and slowly land again on the gravel and mud to continue the competition. A referee with a flag stands in the background and guards the race.

Kids playing cricket. Free HD video footage

Boys and girls are playing croquet down the yard. Prototypes of wickets and various additional advanced metal and wooden gates are seen in a playground of a field. For striking they use wooden sticks. Croquet balls of various colors are seen in a picture as well.

Street basketball backboard. Free HD video footage

A street basketball backboard with a basket attached. Someone is practicing to shoot a ball through the hoop. Two successful attempts are seen in a clip. Nevertheless a ball jumps for a few times on the hoop, finally it reaches a goal and a sportsman scores.

Race car driver training. Free HD video footage

A touring car racing in a ring. A driver is training and improving his skills on a daily routine. The weather is dry and shiny, so the tire traction seems to be good. It is small car with an average cubic capacity. The engine is not mighty but it performs quite well on a curve of a road.