Plugging in and out a USB device. Free HD video footage

A technological scene framing a picture of a plugging in and out a USB device. A viewer may see a USB socket of a MacBook Air laptop computer and an ordinary cable with a standard USB connector. At first a man’s hand plugs in a device and after a few seconds he plugs out.

Kid building Lego City model. Free HD video footage

A kid is playing with the Lego bricks. He is building a dump truck from a Lego City series. A boy is trying steely and tenaciously until he reaches success attaching one component of a model to another.

Girl using TV remote control. Free HD video footage

A girl is adjusting television settings using a remote control. She is browsing options menu and looking for a preferences item she needs. It is a smart, HDTV and LCD type of TV device.

Blinking indication LED lamps of a network router. Free HD video footage

A black networking device is forwarding data packets between computer networks. Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are blinking and reporting that a modem – transmitter ┬áis working properly. ADSL telephone line, Ethernet network cable connections and Wi-Fi option are all successfully receiving data.