Timelapse of a smoking incense. Free HD video footage

A time lapse free video footage clip with a smoking incense on the black background. An aromatic stick begins to smolder from the left side of the frame, continues along its full length and ends on the right side. A burned substance falls down as an incense continues to smoke.

Sun goes up above the roofs of houses. Free timelapse video footage

Sun goes up above the roofs of the houses. Picture taken in a suburb of a town in early morning time. It is a free timelapse video footage. Wires of electric transmission an random trees are also seen within a frame. Airbuses create sudden strokes high in a sky while the speed of the video is running forward.

Timelapse video of the rising over the forest sun. Free HD video footage

The sun goes up in a timelapse way. The picture is taken near the forest and the top of its trees draw a solid frame of a horizon which forms a nice contrast for a rising light beams.