A harbor handling ships, boats, and barges. Free HD video footage

A scene of a harbor storing various types of timeworn ships, boats and barges. The vessels are being waved by the lively river or bay water tides.  Moderate wind makes the maritime signal flags flutter.

Deck of a small sailing boat. Free HD video footage

A small ship (kind of a boat) is sailing across the lake. A half of a frame is dedicated for a vessel’s deck and for the safety ropes. A nice scenery is seen in a background: white palace, beautiful green shore and other navigating yachts.

Training session of a rowing sport. Free HD video footage

A sportsman is at the training session of a rowing. He energetically propellers oars to move his boat forward through the water of a lake. The weather is getting worse: the sky becomes grey and cloudy while the wind forms millions of waves on the surface of the lake.

Train arrives at a station. Free HD video footage

A train is slowly passing by in front of the camera. It’s a passenger train painted in red. It lightly slides on the rails giving an impression of a perfection of a technological operation. A train comes to a station located in a countryside.