Separating cotton into smaller parts. Free HD video footage

An exclusive video footage from Unripe Content: the scene with a hidden or inconceivable meaning. A piece of cotton is separated into smaller parts in a slow motion mode. Myriads of fibers slowly disjoin to form individual shapes.

Rocking chair with blue cushion. Free HD video footage

Empty rocking chair is swinging in evening dusk. Thin light beams of a coming down sun lit a few parts of it. A slow motion movement gives a picture mysterious and cinematographic sense suitable for various psychological, sociological and philosophical interpretations.

Black button is spinning on the outstretched yarn, childish game. Free HD video footage

A free video clip of a childish game: black button is spinning on the pierced through its holes and outstretched yarn.

Composition with lemon, knife and man’s foot. Free HD video footage

A conceptual composition with lemon, knife and man’s foot.Please freely find your own associations and add your personal sense to this video. By the way many small callus are seen on the fingers of a leg.