A collection of abstract patterns in black and white. A study with aluminum foil

These abstract patterns/backgrounds could be downloaded and used freely. The basis of these photos was a study with aluminum foil illuminated with strong light sources along with decreased aperture size and minimized exposure time.

A few touches with Photoshop are used for the final monochromatic result which is quite philosophical, meditative and provocative.

Close-up of a black horse watching straight into the camera. Free photo footage

This is a free picture. Please download and use it freely.

This is a close-up of a black horse staring straight into the camera. Dark brown and black tones of the fur give an impression of a mysterious, majestic and ethereal animal. Left eye gazing at the lens enters the thoughts of the viewer and goes beyond them.

Pinto beans, penguin, car model – chaika and an orange bowl

These are free pictures. Please download and use them freely.

A series of various compositions of pinto beans, a lego toy called penguin, car model – chaika and an orange bowl presents nothing more but a combination of closely coherent objects. Enjoy their internal homogeneity and imperative mood.

Red and white striped air balloon in a grey sky

When you have skylights it’s really good. You enjoy everything what is happening above your head. One of the greatest – in my mind, sure – celestial spectacle is slothful and serene movement of air balloons. You never hear them, unless you accidentally raise your head towards divine blue. They pasture like peaceful cows nibbling white and cloudy grass. They come and they pass. Your eyes escorts them untill their shades fade in the horizon.

This is a free picture. Please download and use it freely.