Your DSLR Canon camera records just short clips in full HD mode?

Recently my niece dropped by me with her new Canon 70 D and complained about its unresponsiveness changing duration of full HD video recording. No matter which option is selected (30 min, 1 min or any other) the camera stops recording after 7-8 seconds.

We solved the problem in a moment. Yes, it happens and here is an answer: 1. The most likely reason for Canon’s or any other DSLR camera’s inability to record long video clips is that your SD memory card is too slow. 2. You’ll notice, that changing metering option in camera’s settings does not make any difference. Recording ends shortly after its start. Continue reading “Your DSLR Canon camera records just short clips in full HD mode?”

Moderate Slow Motion Also Makes An Impression: Panasonic AG – AF100

What do I mean by saying shooting in a “moderate” slow motion mode? Well, if you are not a scientist and you aren’t planning in the near future to become a star of Youtube with your ultra slow motion video clips, you really should think about other video cameras, which do the thing and do it in an appealing way.

What is the purpose of having a camera able to shoot in variable frame rate in the range of for example 1-60 fps? This kind of magic motion box won’t be able to capture bullets dissecting the air or grab the physics of a crumbling window. But that’s ok. Even the modest capability to slow video with hardware instead using software in post production rewards camera man and video artist with the result they get.

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Affordable And Budget Slow Motion / High Speed Video Camera

Affordable And Budget Slow Motion_High Speed Video CameraIt is quite a challenge to afford a slow motion or in other words a high speed video camera in nowadays market for private or small business use. It’s a mission impossible. Common prices reach 30k, 40k and above.

But here are the first steps to make things change. Mike Matter and Juan Pineda, two engineers based in San Jose, California, created the first affordable super slow motion camera named edgertronic. They successfully raised a Kickstarter campaign and now accepts pre-orders for the second release after the first fast and fortunate sold-out.

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