Playing acoustic guitar. Free HD video footage

A man is holding an acoustic guitar in his hands and playing the instrument. A slow motion video clip aiming with a closeup at an arm strumming the strings with its fingers.

New year’s eve sparkle. Free HD video footage

Toddler is twirling a sparkle on the New Year’s Eve. Little girl take a break for a few times and patiently observing the mysterious chemistry and physics behind the sparkling light.

Sheep flock pasturing in a countryside

A sheep flock is pasturing in front of the grove of birch and ash trees. A scene is happening in a countryside where a farm owns enough land for domestic animal to grass.

Sheep herd grazing in the fields of a farm

Sheep flock grazing in the fields of a farm in a season of late autumn. Sheep are raised for the fleece, meat (lamb, hogget or mutton) and milk. A sheep’s wool is the most widely used animal fiber. Those in a shot are Merinolandschaf or Württemberger breed of domestic sheep derived from the Merino.