White paper sheets are being cut with red scissors. Free HD video footage

A man is cutting white paper sheets with red scissors. Themes to use this footage: man’s irresponsible behaviour  with nature resources, attention needed in creating strategies and time required rethinking raised ideas, wasting supplies towards seeking goal etc.

Applause in slow motion: clapping man’s hands. Free HD video footage

The deafening applause greets the band back on stage for the encore. A slow motion scene with clapping man’s hands in the center. Businessman wearing a dark blue jacket expresses a sincere approval for a performance just seen.

Reading a book with a white cover. Free HD video footage

A close-up of a book being read by a man. A book has white cover. Background of the scene is abstract and neutral. Keywords of the themes where this clip could or should be used: absorption, perception, intelligence, interest, bibliophilia, love of reading.

A tea bag is twisting on a label tie forward and backward. Free HD video footage

A tea bag is twisting on a label tie forward and backward. And that is what is really is seen in this scene. But it can tell the viewer much more. I am just brainstorming: cycle of life, side effects of consumerism, global warming, green energy, advantages of slow food, disadvantages of fastfood etc.