Rainy day, view through the window of a car, focus on the ambient outside. Free HD video footage

This is a free HD stock footage video clip. Please download and use it freely.

Quite a dark and rainy day. The camera is positioned to capture a view through the window of a car. Rain drops are constantly falling on the glass and distorting the image in their own way – bending the shapes of the objects (trees without leaves, randomly passing cars, street lamps, garages, crossroad in a small town), blurring various parts of the image and delivering melancholic mood to the human eyes. This video fragment should fit various illustrative needs.


Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
Codecs: H.264
Color profile: HD (1-1-1)
Duration: 01:09
FPS: 25
Data rate: 20.16 Mbit/s

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