Jean Luc Godard is one of my favourite movie directors. And here I’m trying to detail and describe the reasons of that partly for myself and partly as an interpretation in general. If anyone will find these thoughts useful for their own studies, I’ll be glad.

1. The first feeling which I faced watching one by one the movies of Jean Luc Godard was his unique relationship with the language of cinematography. I mean, he is not a slave of the movie production technologies, of the actors, of the script or even of his own precedent plan. Equipment and every artistic opportunity is used playfully by the hand of the master who is above all these earthly trifles.

2. Many good actors appear in Godard’s films. It is not an option which can be grasped from the very beginning of acquaintance with french master’s works. More movies you watch, more familiar you become with them. Characters’ eyes, their emotions, their gestures present inconceivably strong human remnants at the extreme level of internal freeze.

3. Sure, you may often meet Anna Karina in these pictures. Those large eyes act like a gate shifting the viewer from the screen into the center of the open and barely yellow desert of the director.

4. Fragmented style of story telling is the thing which makes Godard’s movies stuffed with signs and significants. If your brain’s luggage is fat enough, you’ll like his movies.

5. The voice of the narrator is a sharp dagger which slaughters the last rudiments of convenient interpretation of these pictures each time when it emerges in the soundtrack.

6. There are many direct and non direct episodes from the history of cinema in Godard’s movies. On the one hand he grows up the spectator intellectually, on the other hand it makes his cinematic manner even more radical, remembering us that Godard comprehend the art of making movies as an extension of film critics, which was to him the first link to a cinematography.

7. Godard involves the viewer into the history of cinema. I’m not sure is it possible to understand the innovation he made without knowing at least the main preceding facts of film history and without being watched essential movies prior his time.

8. Some fascinating details of Godard’s movies get demystified when you better acquaint with the personality of the director. His character, political views, savory details of common daily behavior are evident in the screen and influence a specific taste of the images.

9. There are not many films, which I can watch repeatedly. Godard’s films are a complete exception. The first impression I got after the movie reaches the end is “I have to watch it again.” But this allure is not pleasing. On the contrary it is an attraction with many layers correlating with each other in many different ways and you need time to comprehend it.

10. There are really more to say. To be continued.